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Diet LAB serves institutional and individual nutrition counseling with the expert staff in Ankara and targets their clients to have healthy and quality lives. To do this; works with nutritionist, doctors and partners adhering to dynamic, reliable, scientific and ethical values. Client, having nutrition consulting service, is being monitored constantly by the dietician and it is intended to have permanent results without losing motivation.

Diet LAB serves in loss of weight, diet theraphy in diseases (diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, metabolic syndrome, and other endocrine disorders, gout, fatty liver, cancer, rheumatic diseases, surgery, pre / post nutrition etc.), women-specific nutrition theraphy (pregnancy, lactation, menopause and premenopause period, nutrition, polycystic ovary syndrome nutrition etc), male-specific nutrition therapy, children adolescents nutrition, eating disorders and sports nutrition, with the expert dietitians in all areas of nutrition individually in Ankara and Istanbul, with “'Well done online diet” brand in the world.

Diet LAB provides enterprise consulting services to many organizations mainly Sheraton Hotel, Hurriyet, TRT and Migros.


Mrs. BATMAN who graduated from Hacettepe University, Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, has made science expertise in the field of Public Health of the same university's School of Medicine. She participated in the researches of  The World Health Organization and UNICEF.

She has the books: healthy losing weight book named “Diet with Turkish Food” related with healthy nutrition,  a cookbook named “Practical Low Caloric Recipes”, “Diabetes Kitchen” prepared for diabetics and “Metropol Diet”.

She appears on written and visual media with her nutrition articles and interviews. She is a columnist at Hurriyet-Europe and she is a specialist guest on TRT-Okul every week.

She carries on her Nutrition and diet consultancy works at Diet LAB center which she is the owner.


Ms. TOTAN graduated from Hacettepe University, Faculty of Health Sciences, department of Nutrition and Dietetics as being 3.rd graduate of the faculty and the department and completed her master’s degree at Gazi University in the field of Dietetics.

She has completed her internships of diet theraphy in diseases at Hacettepe University School of Medicine and Children Hospital, Gulhane Military Medical Academy, İbni Sina&Cebeci School of Medicine and has completed bulk nutrition systems internship at TR Presidental kitchen.

She participates all congress and seminars in the field of Health and Nutrition and she appears on written and visual media with her articles and interviews about nutrition. She has the certificates of Sports Dietician, Oncology Dietician and Cardiology Dietician. She gives the service of individual and corporate nutrition consultancy at Diet LAB.


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