Why Ankara

•             In terms of civilization, cities symbolize civilizations, civilizations symbolize cities. In this regards, our capital city of Turkish Republic Ankara, is a world city which is an important actor of global vision in every period of history.
•             Capital city Ankara is 25938 km2 with the population of 5.000.000 and in the center of Turkey geographically. Therefore, it can be reached from the other cities in approximately 1 hour or 2 hours by airway. Turkey has 5 airline companies for domestic flights and with these companies there are continuous flights throughout Turkey. In addition to this;
•             Ankara has an international airport Esenboğa, is 28 km far away from the centrum, easy transportation with express ways,  by 2013 performs approximately 1.500.000 international flights, 8.000.000 domestic flights, is rewarded by International Airport Council-Europe (ACI-Europe) in 2009 as the “best airport” in the 5-10 million passengers category. In addition, there are 69 airways commercial corporations arranging flights from this airport.
•             In capital Ankara, Turkey's most important public and private universities (Hacettepe, Gazi, Ankara, Baskent, Fatih University etc.) and  Faculties of Medicine  related to these universities exist. A lot of researches are done and specialists are educated at these universities. In this way, the number of professors and specialists is high in Ankara for receiving support for the treatments of diseases.
•             Due to being capital city, all ministries are in Ankara. If any bureaucratic barrier occurs related with the work we have done, faster solutions will be created. For instance, in any case for any approval from Ministry of Health, there is no need for long correspondences or travels, it is possible to go to Ministry personally and to receive the approval.
•             In addition, due to being capital city, all embassies are  in Ankara. In  this way, to do embassy  procedures of our foreign patients, to receive  any approvals or in any case mutual consultation is needed, it is possible to go embassy personally and to solve the subjects  in place. 
•             Due to the location and settlement of Ankara, it is very well coordinated city. For that reason, it is possible to reach from one side to the other side in 1 hour in Ankara. Therefore,  it is easy to do  all procedures in time.
•             Also, due to the settlement of Ankara, the distances are much more shorter and our cost of procedures (Airport transfers, easier transportation of Consultant interpreters) decrease, though we  present our quotations at lower prices.
•             Ankara is a host city of historical places (castle, museum, historical places, etc...). Different  alternatives for tour organizations are being offered to the patients, hospital attendant and guests come to our country.
•             Also, there are tens of shopping malls, shopping  centers with many worldwide brands in Ankara and it is possible to organize variety of  shopping tours for the coming patients, attendants and guests.
For many reasons counted and uncounted above, to provide the coming patients the best service, it has been agreed on being our center in Ankara.

  • Why Ankara
  • Why Ankara
  • Why Ankara
  • Why Ankara
  • Why Ankara
  • Why Ankara
  • Why Ankara
  • Why Ankara




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