Why SEN Assistance

First and the most importantly; the travel for medical purposes should not be seen as an ordinary tourism activity. Contrarily,  to have better care and successful outcome from medical services, all  procedures should be dealt carefully and seriously. Accordingly;

Why SEN Assistance;

1) In Health tourism pleasing results are possible only if through medical tourism companies , “continuous treatment processes” are provided between family physician and referring doctor/company in patients' country and  the doctor and /or the hospital performing treatment. SEN Assistance serves this continuous coordination.

2) SEN Assistance, having in-depth  information in Turkey owing to the  expert consultant doctors in their field, in case of hospitalization of patients, provides the treatments firstly in the hospitals/medical services taking place in its own network. If it is surmised that the treatment will not be possible at these in-network providers, SEN Assistance is competent to find Hospital/Doctor and Medical Centers that will provide the most appropriate treatment.

3) SEN Assistance uses different strategies and methods to control costs. At the same time, in case of any treatments needed apart from in-network providers, SEN Assistance is advantageous in  having access to  the reliable hospitals with appropriate capacity, and also has the power for benchmarking and for having discount from the normal prices using volume-oriented bargaining power. Additionally, you will make the payment of only one invoice to SEN Assistance, you will not deal with any surprise invoices.

4) SEN Assistance always observe in-network providers, hospitals, health facilities, treatment centers etc. With these observation and monitoring, keeps hold of institutions' success statistics. According to these success statistics, provides the orientation of the patients. At the same time SEN Assistance makes the similar type of  researches at the hospitals and corporations out of in-network. In this way, forwards the patients to the hospitals and corporations in the top of the success chart in their field.

5) SEN Assistance focuses on carrying on the financial and hospital administration subjects perfectly as the representative of patient especially in complex cases such as bypass operations, brain and cancer surgeries.

6) SEN Assistance offers advantageous all-in-one package prices for the diseases that have been already diagnosed. In this way, receiving one by one invoices, invoices those can be open to abuse are prevented and there will no need to deal with many companies/ problems.

7) SEN Assistance gives personal assistance to patients/corporations to give better decisions in selection of  healthcare organization-hospital and/or specialist physician.

8) SEN Assistance provides the relation of best communication between patients and Hospitals/ Doctors/Health Centers due to the agreements with Hospitals/Doctors and Health Centers and special business connections.

9) SEN Assistance coordinates the travel programme for medical purpose, by organizing travel and accommodation, the transfer between hotel and hospital, pick up from airport  at will (Economic/VIP)  according to the patient's medical condition and needs.

10) SEN Assistance makes an effort to provide the necessary support in getting pleasurable and quality service, in planning and managing the procedure of treatment uninterruptedly.

11) SEN Assistance,  for all emergency treatments;

      a) In case of the treatments not exactly diagnosed or undiagnosed, will be the advisor about at which hospital unit the treatment will be  received in accordance with the stated complaints.

      b) During the first hospital/doctor visits, will assist.

      c) If required, will make a connection between the patient's doctor in his country and the doctor who will treat.

      d) Helps the explanation of  the recommended treatment alternatives. 

      e) If surgical operation is decided, schedules the appointment of the operation.

      f) Prepares alternative quotations for the expenses  arising of the surgery, therapy, rehabilitation, etc. and offers for your approval. In this way, will not be faced  with any surprise invoices except the prices stated in the beginning.

      g) Before/after  operative surgery, gives explanations with consultants to the patient's relatives to reduce their anxiety.

      h) Assists during the check-out of hospital. After the check out, organizes the things to do.

      I) If rehabilitation is needed after hospital, organizes the optimal rehabilitation and offers the quotes.

      j) Organizes the patient's records and provides the records to be stored  within the privacy/confidentiality. Upon request, required information about the treatment is sent to patient's doctor in his country or to the the hospital that continues the treatment.

      k) Keeps in touch with those who want information (ministries/embassies/patient's relatives etc) through communication tools and provides information on specific periods.

12) SEN Assistance assigns consultant interpreters who know the patient's geographic region and ethical values in order to develop empathy. In this way, the patient's anxiety decreases and establishes empathy.

13) SEN Assistance provides 24/7 emergency line service to the patients and  their relatives. In this way, the emergency needs of the patients and their relatives are solved by responding.

14) If requested, SEN Assistance allocates telephone (which has the numbers of SEN Assistance emergency, consultants, hotels, etc directory installed)  and telephone line  to the patients and their relatives. 

15) SEN Assistance supplies the necessary drugs of outpatients and postoperative rehabilitation of patients for a fee through the contracted pharmacies and pharmacists. At the same time, if requested, provides the forgotten or ended drugs that the patients or relatives of patients use at their country. 

16) SEN Assistance has 2 types of service: 1. Forwarding the patients to the high-quality and affordable  hospitals. 2. Focuses on carrying on the subjects related  with mainly medical operations, financial and hospital administration, transfers, accommodation, activities, emergency services and interpreter as the representative of the patient in complex cases such as especially bypass operations, brain and cancer surgeries. The choice belongs to the patient.

17) Although SEN Assistance is Ankara centered, makes different alternative offers in accordance with the coming demands and requests, such as the patients who want to have treatment near the seaside places, SEN Assistance makes alternative organizations. This allows to get service all Turkey-wide by negotiating with a single center.

18) SEN Assistance, eliminates coping with many institution/organization/doctor/etc (Hospitals/Hotels/Transfer companies etc). With only one company are being dealt for the questions and problems. In addition, it is never possible to get excellent support and service mentioned above in accordance with the individual agreements that will be held.

For instance, in case of finding hospital and coming for treatment, neither any hospital nor any health institution is available that provides the services mentioned above. If the patient encounters any problem or troubles, loss can be suffered in many issues. For all the issues may be encountered, SEN Assistance incorporates the best solutions and  works for the perfect result of the treatment. It should be noted that everybody has to do his own business.

19) In addition, any hospital cannot give the best service in all branches. Owing to the research team of SEN Assistance, the patients are put in touch with the hospitals that are mastered best in their branches.


For many reasons above mentioned and unmentioned;

Choosing to work with SEN Assistance provide our patients to recover their health as soon as possible by being away from researching for the best, losing time, wasting money, bureaucratic procedures, etc. and with many reasons, as well as being away from stress.

In accordance with all of the above information and reasons, our company is established within the knowledge of T.R. The Ministry of Health, Economy and Culture. For all the health problems the patients have, firstly in the capital city Ankara, later on in Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya etc., we are proud of serving you in our country with our contracted hospitals, health institutions, hospitals, hotels, SPAs, through SEN Assistance with our branches.




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